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AngularJS Interview Questions Part 5

What is $rootscope in AngularJS?

The $rootScope is the top-most scope. An app can have only one $rootScope which will be shared among all the components of an app. Hence it acts as a global variable. All other $scopes are children of the $rootScope. Since $rootScope is a global, which means that anything you add […]

AngularJS Interview Questions Part 4

In case of nested controllers, does the $scope object shared across all controllers?

YES. The $scope object is shared across all controllers and it happens due to scope inheritance. Since the ng-controller directive creates a new child scope, we get a hierarchy of scopes that inherit from each other. So if we define a property […]

AngularJS Interview Questions Part 3

What is the basic need to start with AngularJS?

To start with AngularJS, one need to make reference of angular.js. The latest version of AngularJS can be downloaded from You can either download the required js file and then host them locally or you can also use google CDN for referencing it. Here is […]

AngularJS Interview Questions Part 2

Is it same as jQuery?

jQuery is great library for manipulating the DOM, providing better user experience with animations and effects. You can create website using jQuery but not a web application. jQuery is just a library to play around with HTML, where as AngularJS is a framework to build a dynamic web app as […]

AngularJS Interview Questions Part 1

What is Angular.js?

AngularJS is open source client side MV* (Model – View – Whatever) framework for creating dynamic web applications. It gives life to your static HTML and makes it dynamic with its magic. It extends HTML using directives, expression and data binding techniques to define a powerful HTML template.


What are the uses […]