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AngularJS Course Syallabus

Section 1: Introduction

  • What is AngularJS ?
  • History of AngularJS ?
  • Sweet spot of AngularJS.
  • Complete Solution for Client-Side.
  • How AngularJS Works as Single Page Application ?
  • What is Two-Way Data Biding and How it works ?

Section 2: Structure of AngularJS

  • Overview of Library Files.
  • How to Configure AngularJS Application ?
  • What is Root Element in AngularJS ?
  • How to Bootstrap the Web Apps by using ng-app ?
  • How to Extend HTML DOM with additional attributes ?
  • What is AngularJS Expression and how to use ?

Section 3: Understanding Controllers and Scopes ?

  • What is Controller in AngularJS ?
  • Uses of Controller ?
  • How to call Controller methods ?
  • How to pass parameter values to the Controller ?
  • Overview of Controller Inheritance.
  • Limitations of Controllers.
  • What is Scope in Controller ?
  • How Scope act as Data-Model ?
  • Overview of Scope Hierarchies.
  • How to pass Scope values to View ?
  • How to Receive View data to the Scope ?

Section 4: Understanding Directives

  • What is Directive in AngularJS ?.
  • What are the List of Directives ?
  • Features of Directives.
  • How to Attach Directives in Views.
  • How to create Custom Directive ?
  • How to set Custom Directives as Element, Attribute, Class and Comment?
  • What is Isolating scope of a Directive ?
  • How to Create a Directive which Wraps Other Elements ?

Section 5: Understanding Filters

  • What is Filters in AngularJS ?
  • What are the List of Filters in Angularjs ?
  • Features of Filters.
  • How to use Filters as Service and use in js ?
  • How to pass parameters in Filters ?

Section 6: Understanding Forms in AngularJS.

  • How form works in AngularJS ?
  • How to pass form data to AngularJS ?
  • How to do form Validation in AngularJS ?
  • What are the form states ?
  • How form states and CSS Classes work together dynamically ?
  • How to do custom validation ?
  • What is ng-message and how to use in forms ?

Section 7: Understanding Dependency Injection ?

  • Define Dependency Injection.
  • Why DI (Dependency Injection) ?
  • How to use DI ?
  • List of Dependency Annotation ?

Section 8: Understanding Components and Modules

  • Overview of Services.
  • What is Factory ?
  • What is Providers ?
  • How to Create Custom Services, Factory and Providers ?
  • How to Inject components into other components ?
  • What are the 2 Modules in AngularJS ?
  • Where and When to use these 2 modules ?

Section 9: Routing in AngularJS ?

  • What is Routing ?
  • How to use Routing ?
  • How to use $routeProvider ?
  • How to divide a template into multiple templates ?
  • How to attach divided multiple templates in views ?
  • How Routing converts our Application as SPA ?
  • How to pass/receive parameters in url-path ?

Section 10: $http Communication Service with JSON

  • Features of $http service in AngularJS ?
  • Configuration of $http Service methods.
  • What are the $http methods and where to use it ?
  • How to pass view-data to server side with $http ?
  • How to pass parameters with $http ?
  • What is cache in $http ?
  • How to receive Success Callback and Error Callback in $http ?

Section 11: List of inbuilt Services

  • $anchorScroll
  • $animate
  • $cacheFactory
  • $interpolate
  • $interval
  • $location
  • $log
  • $rootScope
  • $timeout
  • $window and more

Section 12: List of AngularJS inbuilt Methods.

  • JSON Properties and Methods
  • angular.copy
  • angular.equals
  • angular.fromJson
  • angular.toJson and more

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