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AngularJS Course Syallabus

Section1: Introduction
  • What is Angularjs ?
  • History of Angularjs ?
  • Features and benefits of AngularJS.
  • Concepts of MVC Architecture.
  • Difference between AngularJs and Jquery.
Section2: Structure of AngularJs
  • Overview of Library Files.
  • Configuring the Library Files.
  • Bootstrapping the Web Apps by using ng-app.
  • Extending HTML DOM with additional attributes.
  • Creating Contollers.
Section 3:  Main Blocks of AngularJs
  • Understanding $scope.
  • Attaching $scope with Controller.
  • Exploring Contoller properties and methods.
  • Overview of Directives.
  • Overview of Services.
Section 4: Construction an Interactive User Interface
  • Understanding One way and Two way Data Binding.
  • Attaching Directives to the HTML.
  • Implementing AngularJs expressions in HTML.
  • Repeat the data using ng-repeat.
  • Overview of Filters.
  • Applying Filters in results.
Section 5: Integrating Forms with AngularJs
  • Attaching forms and their elements with Controller.
  • Binding Form Elements to the Controller.
  • Understanding List of AngularJs form Expressions.
  • Exploring different types of Form Validations.
  • Styling with Angular CSS classes.
Section 6: Dependency Injection
  • Overview of Dependency Injection.
  • Dependency Annotation.
  • Overview of Module.
Section 7: Building Blocks of AngularJs
  • Overview of Routing.
  • Overview of Services.
  • Overview of Factory.
  • Overview of Providers.
  • Overview of Constants and Values
  • Creating Custom Directives, Filters, Services, Providers and Factories.
Section 8: Routing
  • Dividing templates into multiple views.
  • Implementing Route Provider.
  • Attaching ng-view in templates.
  • Mapping URLs to the templates.
Section 9: $http communication service and JSON
  • Exploring CURD operations with $http service.
  • List of $http methods.
  • Sending/Receiving JSON data to/from the Web Service.
  • Converting JSON data into JavaScript Objects.
Section 10: List of AngularJs default Functions.
  • angular.copy
  • angular.equals
  • angular.fromJson
  • angular.toJson and more

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