Top 8 Reasons to Choose AngularJS for Web Applications

Demand of Web Applications is increasing day by day because of every organization keep their business online. On the basis of a recent survey there are more than 900 million websites existing in the world and the count is still increasing. Many platforms are there for build websites.

AngularJS is an open source web application framework […]

$http Request in Angularjs


In out previous Article we discussed about Routing in AngularJS. Here we go about importance of $http service in Angularjs. To know more about the complete Services and Directives in AngularJS, Please visit AngularJS Training in Chennai.

 $http is a core AngularJS service which is used to create communication with remote http servers via Browser’s inbuilt […]

Routing in AngularJS

What is Routing ?

Routing in AngularJS allows your application becomes a Single Page Application (SPA). In your application, you have to navigate to different pages, at the same time your application should be act as SPA without page reload. This is called as Routing.

For the Routing, here we use ngRoute Module. This module routes our […]

Understanding Providers in AngularJS

In our previous Article, we discussed about service and Factory. Here is the complete details about Providers.

Provider allows us to create and inject a service into configuration phase of our application. For example, If we want to set API key to access the application, we can set the API key via provider and pass the […]

What is Services and Factory in AngularJS ?

Services are singleton objects. In other words, It’s javascript function to perform a specific task. Angular allow us to use these services with controllers, service, filter or directive.

Whenever we want to use service with the above components, we will have to inject the service name along with the component. By doing so, component ask angular […]

Amazing Form Validation by using AngularJS

AngularJS is a client side scripting language and it’s providing you an Amazing Form Validation. You don’t’ need write any too much of code for the form validations. AngularJS provides you set of inbuilt states of form, inputs and CSS classes. By using the state you can implement form Validation.

AngularJS always have the information about […]

Types of Filters in AngularJS

AngularJS provides you list of amazing inbuilt filters.  You don’t need to write any additional methods to get use of these filters features. Just add the filter in your expression and Enjoy the Benefits.

To know more about All other services and Custom filters please visit Complete Topics of AngularJS
The following Lists of Filters available in  […]

Top 10 Directives in AngularJS

Directives are the normal HTML Syntax. AngularJS allows you to extend existing HTML syntax with new attributes called as Directives. AngularJS comes with set of inbuilt Directives and all the Directives has individual behaviors.

All the Directives are starts with the prefix of “ng-”. Also AngularJS allows the developer to create custom Directives with custom behaviors.

To […]

5 Main pillars of AngularJS

Here is the 5 Main pillars of AngulaJS. These are very important components to develop a powerful and Rich web applications in AngularJS. Lets Take a glance about the 5 Pillars of AngularJS.

Dependency Injection

Please visit our blog to know more about these 5 Pillars of AngularJS.

AngularJS Introduction

Here is the Introduction of the Powerful and Super heroic Framework – AngularJS. You can find the following details here.

Introduction of Angularjs.
Why AngularJS ?
Features of AngularJS.
Reason to Learn AngularJS.
Disadvantages of AngularJS.

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